CANVAS LABYRINTHS: Construction Manual

by Robert D. Ferré

Portable canvas labyrinths are an American phenomenon. We are such a mobile society that we want to carry our labyrinths around with us. This book reveals the techniques used by Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC, to produce canvas labyrinths. (See our magnificent 8,000 square foot studio.) Robert explains where to find the canvas, how to build the templates, the best tools to use, and much more.

Rarely do professionals publicize their trade secrets, lest it result in increased competition. However, since Robert is mostly retired and the studio is closed, others are taking over the role of portable labyrinth maker. This book is sufficient for the amateur to get excellent results. If you plan to go into business, then you need to contact Robert for additional super-technical advice.

As with all of the books in the labyrinth series, the proceeds from this book go to Veriditas (see

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