An Occasional Newsletter from Robert Ferre
Spring, 2013 edition
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Retired Life
Finally my life begins to resemble that of a retired person. In other words, I don't have enough time in the day to do everything on my plate. What did I ever do when I also had to work? Linda and I have taken advantage of our free time and good health to travel extensively. In January we moved into a new home in a retirement (over 55) community in San Antonio. We love it here. In order to enjoy our home and the many activities and amenities available to us, we plan to cut back on our traveling. (In 2011 we were only home for 11 weeks out of the year.. This year we hope to be here half the year.) I have only a few consultations and one installation scheduled this year. Plus we expect to attend the annual gathering of the Labyrinth Society. (For information about that wonderful annual event, see:

Sharing the Love
My intention was to organize Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC, into a collaborative of labyrinth artists. Clients would contact me, at which time I would refer them to the closest and/or most qualified labyrinth artists to meet their need. I was hoping to feature a large group of labyrinth artists, builders, facilitators, etc. on my website. But that never happened, and gets less and less likely. I'm just too retired to do all that work. Nevertheless, the intention is still working casually.

In January I referred a labyrinth installation in the Grand Cayman Islands (photo) to Chuck Hunner, my long time cohort and installation supervisor. He continues to do excellent work on his own. For details, as well as glimpses of his superb jewelry making talents, see:

In a similar vein, when Veriditas directed an inquiry to me, I was able to organize a project for a church in Ross, CA, in which Lea Goode-Harris and Lars Howlett are, even as I write, masking off a labyrinth pattern on a new wood floor (to be spray painted by a painting contractor). Lars brought with him momentos of labyrinths he has visited around the world, which he placed on the center weights.(Note the center swivel I invented.)

Collaboration is like paying forward. I find it especially beneficial in making labyrinths. Chuck Hunner invited world-class paver labyrinth maker Marty Kermeen and his wife Debi to help him with the Cayman Island project. In turn, Marty invited Chuck to help on a paver installation at the University of Central Oklahoma (above photo). "What goes around comes around" is very apropos for labyrinth folks.

First Readers Wanted
Writers greatly benefit from the comments, suggestions, corrections, and observations of first readers, those who are willing to peruse manuscripts and give feedback. Although most of my writing will be about labyrinths, there are other topics of interest to me.

I got distracted and made my first book in retirement a memoir with an account of a transatlatic cruise. The manuscript is in its final stages, after two years of work. I welcome first readers. You can find details at my cruise website,

Book Initiative
Next, I would like to update and reissue the labyrinth books which I have previously sold on this website and on After that, I hope to write a three-volume set, including the ultimate construction manual, guidelines for facilitators, and labyrinth essays. I have completed the first reissue, for Church Labyrinths. Click here to download a free copy: Books.

It remains important for me to see that some of the tools and techniques I developed will continue to be utilized. In the last newsletter, I lamented not having anyone to carry on my work. Now, I officially have an apprentice: Lars Howlett. Lars already does beautiful labyrinth work. Being a professional photographer, he takes marvelous pictures of the temporary labyrinths he builds. See his website:

We have already worked on a couple of labyrinths together: Denison University in Granville, OH, and Sofia University in Palo Alto, CA, and are scheduled soon in Charlottesville, VA, at the Unity Church there. Lars is meticulous, gung ho, and best of all, young. He could be making labyrinths for decades.

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