As of July, 2011, Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC, has extended its vision and workforce to include numerous talented labyrinth artists, all available under a single banner. Artists may use the technologies and tools developed by Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC, or they may introduce their own media and techniques. We are looking for additional members to join our collaborative, including:
Labyrinth designers
Labyrinth installers
Site designers

Eventually, we hope to also be able to offer programs, trainings, master classes, and other events through our collaborative.

If you are interested in being a member of the Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC, collaborative, please send a photo, bio, and a description of your area(s) of expertise, along with relevant illustrative photos. We will conduct our interview and assess your qualifications. This is not on-the-job-training. Membership is limited to experienced artists with a developed body of work. Membership is free, and not intended in any way to interfere with your current position and activity. We welcome potential workers to contact us, as well. If you just wish to work on a labyrinth installation in your area, let us know and we will contact you when such an opportunity arises.

We are currently developing a written agreement to clarify the relationship and responsibilities. Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC, does not take liability for the installations or of its members. Each is an independent contractor, not an employee. Artists must obtain their own insurance, if required. We are looking into a company that can help us with that. Some large installations, such as a hospital under construction, are likely to have much red tape and many requirements. In such instances, the project may be officially handled as a project of Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC.

The only payment required of artists in the collaborative is a small percentage of the contracted price, likely 5%. If the project is funnelled through Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC, then Robert Ferre or his designee must be on premises to supervise. In such case, the profit from the job is split between the artists and Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC, each receiving a share comensurate with their involvement and contribution.

Eventually, Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC, hopes to turn non-profit. Such a structure would be most appropriate for its involvement in supporting labyrinths and labyrinth artists. An opportunity exists for the right person who would like to head up such a transition, and become the director of the new organization.