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This biography, like the rest of the website, is in first person because I am my own webmaster, having written almost all of what you will read on this site. During the past 45 years I have had a twin career stream, making my living either as a craftsman or in some entrepreneurial enterprise, mostly in the real estate field. The latter included land development, brokerage, home-building, management, investment, and renovation. Hence, I have always used my hands and greatly love properly working and well-maintained tools. Looking back, it seems as if all of my previous life experience was preparation for founding and operating Labyrinth Enterprises. In July of 2011, several important changes occurred. I began the reorganization of the business for my retirement, I closed the studio in St. Louis, MO, and I moved to San Antonio, TX, to reside in the home I share with my wife, Linda Ricketts.

In the 1970s I made wire jewelry and sold it on Guadalupe Street in Austin, Texas, and in craft shows nationwide. Subsequently, I worked for a harpsichord maker (Richard Kingston), starting with a pile of lumber and ending up with a beautiful musical instrument (mostly two-manual versions based on an historical instrument built by Pascal Taskin in the 18th century). Since 1996, I have made my living as a full-time labyrinth maker and president of Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC. As Sears doesn't seem to have Craftsman labyrinth tools, it was necessary to design and build our own tools. From that, we introduced new materials and techniques to make labyrinths, especially relating to concrete.

Since there was little information about labyrinths when I first began this work, I wrote a number of books and manuals. Formerly available on our website, I am in the process of reissuing them. I have also had the privilege to write the introductions to several labyrinth books published by other authors. I hope to write the ultimate labyrinth instruction book, based on my 19 years of experience. Meanwhile, my book Cruise of the Heart has been published. See www.cruiseoftheheart.com.

In 1996 I wrote to Prestel, the German publisher of the world's greatest labyrinth compendium, asking if I could have it translated into English. Written by Hermann Kern in 1982, it was available only in German. Besides raising money for the cost of the translation, I served along with Jeff Saward as co-editor for the new English edition (Through the Labyrinth). It took several years of work, but the end result made it all well worth the effort. It is now out of print. If you ever see one for sale, snap it up.

Labyrinth Society
In 1997 and 1998 I organized labyrinth conferences in St. Louis which led to the founding of the Labyrinth Society (see www.labyrinthsociety.org). This international organization continues to grow and serve those who work with labyrinths. I served in a number of capacities but have now stepped aside for the next "generation" of leaders. I was a presenter or keynote speaker at all of the national gatherings from1999 through 2009. Some of these talks are included on this website under the articles section.

Conducting Trainings
My two-day intensive facilitator training is designed for people who already know something about labyrinths. I take a rather left-brained stuff-them-full-of-information approach. My training includes such topics as sacred geometry, ritual and ceremony, use in schools and hospitals, and much more. It also offers hands-on experience in learning how to construct labyrinths. Each training is customized for the audience. For more information, see training. My favorite program is to give a master class in how to build labyrinths. I do this once a year for veriditas, in San Francisco, and other times when sponsored elsewhere. FOr details, see their website at www.veriditas.org.

Consulting and Design
I find it very rewarding to share my knowledge with those who desire to have a labyrinth. Consulting and design are two ways that I do this, drawing on my 16 years of experience.

I have now officially retired. However, I hate to waste these many years of expertise which I have developed. So, I have transformed the business into a collaborative of labyrinth artists. I am available for consultation and technical advice. The artists will be the ones on site, doing the actual installation. I continue to be available for speaking engagements and workshops, along with my wife Linda. With no actual bricks and mortar location for Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC, I can perform my labyrinth work from anywhere in the world, on land or at sea-- which is exactly my intention.

Denison University
Article on me in Denison Magazine, the alumni publication of my alma matter: Robert

I have several websites and a number of activities, all of which are now being consolidated to my blog, which is found at www.robertferre.com/blog. Future articles and newsletter will eminate from that site. Please sign up for our newsletter on the blog site to keep in touch.