Installing Labyrinths

Working with volunteers is very cost effective. Pictured is an installation in Charlottesville, Virginia.The adults take a break in order to rest up, but this young lady, who was a good worker, took breaks in order to run and play.
Photo by Lars Howlett.
Read more about our crushed granite installations using volunteer helpers: granite.

Labyrinth Master Class

Each year Robert used to give a master class, along with his colleague Lars Howlett, in how to build labyrinths.

Here (above photo) the class is making a small Chartres Labyrinth in masking tape on the floor (photo by Lars Howlett -- see We also made labyrinths using beans, bottle caps, and engineer's tape. Robert passed his training duties to Lars several years ago. However, this summer, in July, 2020, in lovely New Harmony, Indiana, Robert and Lars will reunite for a Veriditas summer school labyrinth training. For registratiom information, go to or go to Lars Howlett's website at

Photo by Lars Howlett

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We are still fully in business

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Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC, is a collaborative of skilled labyrinth artists prepared to install the best labyrinth for your site and budget. Robert Ferré, now mostly retired after 23 years as a full-time labyrinth maker, still acts as technical advisor and contact person. By communicating with the architect, client, or committee in charge, Robert helps to determine the best pattern and medium within the specified budget. Then he recommends an artist within the collaborative who is qualified to complete the installation.


Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC, is the publisher of books written by Robert Ferré and Linda Ricketts. All current titles are available on

Proton Beam Therapy

Protons are a particle from the nucleus of an atom. This new and superior technology uses protons to treat numerous forms of cancer. In September and October of 2016, Robert received proton therapy treatment for intermediate prostate cancer. Proton therapy is not invasive and is painless. So impressed was he that he has dedicated his time to promoting proton therapy. Accordingly, he has the books shown to the right, and also these three new websites:
Website dedicated to the new books.
Proton therapy blog.
A current list of proton therapy centers in the United States.


Reviews are the life blood of an autor these days. People check reviews before buying a book. Would you buy a book with only one or two reviews? All of Robert's books are self-published through an Amazon company (Kindle Direct Publishing, or KDP) and POD (print on demand). The books are not printed unti they are actuallyordered. The marketing is the real bugaboo. Please help by writing reviews and sharing information about these books with others. Many thanks.

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The Labyrinth Revival is Robert's detailed history of the labyrinth movement in the United Statesstarting in 1985.

Latest Release:

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Proton Therapy Destroys Cancerdetails how proto therapy can be used to treat the vast majority of cancer types.
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Prostate Cancer Conquered with Proton Therapy details Robert's firsthand account of receiving proton therapy for prostate cancer. It is an amazig technology and the future of treatment for cancers of all kinds.
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This book is a travelogue, love story, and memoir about crossing the Atlantic on a cruise ship, and much much more.

Cruise of the Heart:. Click here for Kindle version.)