My favorite smaller variation of the Chartres pattern is the Chartres Essence. I think it looks the most like the full Chartres. I first encountered this pattern at the San Francisco Theological Seminary. N one there could identify its origins, and they assured me it was not copyrighted or protected. It did not have all of the Chartres-like details, which I added. I also decided that the probem with a smaller labyrinth in the size of the center, which didn't allow many people to gather there. So, I decided to make the Essence center the same as if it were the full-size Chartres, which results in being almost one-third of the diameter.

In 2018 we made a labyrinth in Tulsa, OK, in which they wanted a large Essence, such that the center did not need to be extra large, as the pattern was already large. So we made it more normal in proportio to the rest of the labyrinth. Here are some examples of the pattern.

For a larger printable pattern, click here: Chartres Essence.

Here is the design we used in Tulsa:

For some reason I don't have a higher resolution drawing, althugh I made this in CAD. Here is a slightly larger version: Tulsa Essence.

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