Questions about our books and tapes

I am interested in information regarding sacred geometry, the Golden Mean, and any other information that helps me understand the philosophy/theology which motivated the builders of Chartres.

We have two publications that directly address your needs: The first is Church Labyrinths which discusses labyrinths in church-acceptable terminology. There is an identifiable Christian labyrinth tradition, which this discusses. It does not include esoteric materials that conservative churches would find unacceptable. The second book is The Origin, Design, and Symbolism of the Chartres Labyrinth. This is an in-depth discussion of the labyrinth, including sacred geometry. Each of these books costs $10 plus shipping. With regards to sacred geometry, we have an audio tape that gives a basic introduction to the topic, although I don't believe it goes into the Golden Mean. (See:Products)

Do you sell directions for an 11-circuit labyrinth I can create in my

We do sell a manual with step-by-step construction details. (See Products) However, the manual may be more than you actually need. We have free instructions on this website which could well be sufficient. (See: Instructions)

Which of your materials should I use to make my own labyrinth?

The two manuals have detailed step-by-step instructions, telling not only what to do, but why: Constructing the Chartres Labyrinth, ($20), and Constructing Classical Labyrinths, ($20). On the website, we have free instructions which should be sufficient for most backyard labyrinths. (See: Instructions) If you don't want to download that information, the same material is available in printed form as How to Make a Masking Tape Labyrinth, ($5). The same principles can be used for other materials than masking tape. Our other books have information about labyrinths, but not instructions in how to build them.