Questions about masking tape labyrinths.

Do you offer a machine for laying down masking tape labyrinths?

We don't sell such machines, but we have instructions on where to buy one, and on how to make one yourself. By modifying a standard package taping machine and adding a handle, you can make a stand-up taping machine for around $25. (See: Tape Machine)

What kind of masking tape do we use for hardwood floors?

I don't recommend masking tape on hardwood floors. It can damage the surface. I suppose if it were a new, very hard polyurethane surface it might be OK, but there is still the risk of taking off the wax. Masking tape works well on concrete and carpet. There are other kinds of tape that might work better. Hockey tape, which is only one inch wide, has been used by Ruth Richardson in Canada with success. Buy it at a sporting goods store. Gaffers tape is made to be removable without leaving a residue, but it is very expensive. You could make the labyrinth out of Post-Its, perhaps, if they would stay down. Perhaps they would flap in the breeze of people walking. You could use rope, and just tape it down every few feet, thereby imiting the amount of tape.