Questions about mowing labyrinths

How can I mow a labyrinth into my yard?

For mowing a labyrinth, it is necessary to leave sufficient space between the paths for the line to be apparent, usually at least a foot, and often two or three feet. Calculate the total width of a path/line unit. For example, if the mower cuts a 30-inch swath, and you have 24 inches between paths, the path/line unit would be 54 inches.

Follow the instructions on the website for making a labyrinth out of masking tape. Instead of tape, use engineers' flags (buy them at Home Depot in bundles of 100 -- you will need several bundles). Space the rows of flags apart by the path/line measurement. Pick which side of the flags you will mow (towards the center or away from the center). Then, you simply "walk" the labyrinth while pushing your mower. Before doing so, however, walk the route and make sure all of the turns are clear to you. If you make a mistake, you need to change to a new spot of grass or wait for it to grow out.

A push mower is generally no problem. A riding mower, however, may not have a small enough turning radius. In such case, turn off the blade, reposition the riding mower on the other side of the turn, and continue. Come back with a hand mower to do the turns. Or else make the labyrinth so huge that the riding mower can, indeed, make the turns.

If you keep the labyrinth mowed regularly, it should last indeifnitely.