Jeff Saward at New Harmony -- March 29, 2003

Here are photos of the weekend we (Ruth Hanna and Robert Ferre) went to hear Jeff Saward speak in New Harmony.

Who are these people and what are they doing on this ladder? At the top is John Ridder, and on the ground is Jeff Saward.

As the world's leading expert on labyrinths, Jeff has accumulated thousands of photographs of labyrinths over the last 20 some years. (Whenever a book is published on labyrinths, a good number of its photographs usually originated with Jeff – whether or not they asked permission!) So, it is no surprise that during our weekend visit we spent part of our time taking new photos of the Cathedral Labyrinth and Sacred Garden. John Ridder includes quite a few photos on his website.

Jeff's website:

John's website:
John works a lot with Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC, including as one of our on-site installers. He makes canvas labyrinths, too, so in that category we are competitors (see canvas).

Here you can see the relative position of the ladder. For the results of this photographic effort, see the next page: New Harmony Event, Page 2