Early one morning while visiting the Alabama coast, Annette Reynolds, founding member of the Labyrinth Society, decided that she wanted to walk a labyrinth. While making a labyrinth in the sand, her daughter Melissa caught it on film. This is destined to be one of the great classic photos of labyrinthdom. Another reminder: These are copyrighted photos and cannot be reproduced without permission.

The last photo has been used as the cover of a book (by Melissa Gayle West), has been in several magazines, and is on a number of other items (including a mouse pad). We received permission to put these photos on our website.

Note how precise the drawing looks. Upon closer examination, there are irregularities. However, drawing the labyrinth using the seed pattern, as she did, each concentric circle is drawn in turn. With a good eye, you can keep the lines spaced evenly apart.

These photos are protected b copyright.


Annette Reynolds walking the labyrinth.

Annette Reynolds beginning to draw a labyrinth on the beach.


Annette Reynolds continuing to draw labyrinth on the beach.


Annette Reynolds almost finished drawing labyrinth on the beach.