Working with Architects

Having built labyrinths for some 19 years now, we are recognized as among the leading authorities in the world. Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC, works closely with architects and building committees in the ways described below. In the photo to the right, Robert is working with architect Ron Sovinski measuring the labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral, France, prior to the creation of the beautiful Cathedral Labyrinth and Sacred Garden in New Harmony, Indiana. Labyrinth Enterprises has developed proprietary techniques not available elsewhere, using granite resin and polymer concrete. All architects making labyrinths should be aware of these excellent materials.

We can visit the proposed site or review photos via email and advise as to the possibilities for a an appropriate labyrinth installation. For more information on this service, see consulting.

We will be glad to review your plans, make rough layouts, or producing more detailed sketches of the labyrinth. See design. Need a complete drawing of the Chartres labyrinth? We have done it for you. See CAD.

Repair and Maintenance
Now that the labyrinth revival is 20+ years old, there are some labyrinths out there that could use a spruce up, repair, sealing, or other attention. We can do that.

On-Site Installation
We specialize in concrete, pavers, and stone. For concrete, we have developed proprietary methods resulting in an all-concrete labyrinth that is durable and low-maintenance (see polymer concrete). Our granite material sparkles in the sun, as granite is made of quartz crystals. It is the natural color of the granite itself, with no pigment to fade. We install paver labyrinths in conjunction with the world's greatest paver and stone labyrinth artist, Marty Kermeen, who has 30 years of experience and produces work that will last for generations. Together we have created patterns and techniques unique to labyrinth building.

In the Our Work section are photos of many kinds of labyrinths. You may feel free to download any of these photos to show clients some of the possibilities. Here are some of our favorites:

Polymer Concrete

. . . Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital in Wheaton, IL. We used our proprietary polymer concrete technique in this beautiful setting between the old and new hospital buildings.
. . . Zion Evangelical Church of Christ, Florissant, MO (pavers) - pdf format. Here are two photos showing the quality of our paver installation. The Center, and The Entrance
. . . Our Lady of Victory Hospital, Stanley, WI (polymer concrete) - pdf format. This has an addendum about visiting the labyrinth two years later, showing how the polymer concrete held up in Wisconsin winters.
. . . Global Harmony Labyrinth, Como Park, St. Paul, MN - pdf format. This is a contemporary design for the Sister Cities program, installed by "shooting" the polymer concrete rather than apply by hand (a cost savings).
. . . First Presbyterian Church, Livermore, CA (polymer concrete) - pdf format. This is a typical installation of a labyrinth in a church courtyard. We have done a number of these. (We're puzzled about one thing. Why do all of the restaurants in Livermore have Swedish Pancakes on the menu? We haven't found that anywhere else.)


. . . Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, IN (pavers) - pdf format. This is an example of a unique pattern and situation, in which the labyrinth solved a drainage problem and reclaimed an unattractive site.

Granite resin

. . . Delmar Baptist Church, St. Louis, MO This is our newest material, with which we are very impressed.

Indoor labyrinths

. . . First Congregational Church, Wellesley, MA (painted floor) - pdf format. This is an example of an interior floor, in which we instructed volunteers who did the work.
. . . Church of the Good Shepherd, Augusta, GA (stained interior floor) - pdf format. This shows that we still do some staining, although in exterior applications, polymer concrete is usually superior.

Portable labyrinths

. . . Canvas labyrinths. In a number of cases institutions planning to build permanent labyrinths a year or two down the road have bought portable canvas labyrinths to build interest and introduce labyrinths to their facility.

Temporary labyrinth

. . . Snow labyrinth in Robert's backyard. It lasted two weeks.

Materials to Consider
Polymer concrete, concrete, pavers, granite resin. Here is a link to three projects done in polymer concrete, showing how it looks years later: Durable.

Supervision of Labyrinth Installation
Perhaps you have all of the resources to install your own labyrinth, but you have no one who is familiar with the patterns. We can keep an eye on the work and make valuable suggestions. For example, we know of some expensive terrazzo labyrinths that were beautifully crafted, but have serious errors in the geometry. We can help prevent such situations.

Sample Email
Here is a typical email exchange with an architect interested in doing a labyrinth. Inquiry.