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Typical Labyrinth Flyer
Here's a typical flyer that we put out when we have a labyrinth walk, for the benefit of those who are new to the labyrinth. It doesn't have walking instructions because those are posted by the labyrinth (labyrinth flyer).

Chartres Labyrinth Measurements
We receive a lot of requests for the measurements of the Chartres labyrinth. In response, we have specified the proportions of the labyrinth, which can be used in any scale or size. Further, we have included the exact measurements of the actual Chartres labyrinth (measurements).

Tape Machine Instructions
After making a number of masking tape labyrinths, I realized that I needed to find a machine that I could use to apply the tape to the floor without having to crawl around on my knees. I found several, but they were expensive. So I invented one myself, which anyone with an electric drill and screwdriver can make (tape machine).

Secret Labyrinth
An account of my visit to the (Secret Labyrinth). Sorry, can't tell you where it is.

Sacred Geometry
The subject of sacred geometry is a real sleeper. Most people ignore it because they think it has something to do with mathematics, and they have math phobia. It is possible to use mathematical language to describe geometry, but that isn't necessary when it comes to the sacred version. (sacred geometry)

Book Chapter Updating Kern
As co-editor of the new English edition of Through the Labyrinth by Hermann Kern (translated from the German), I helped to write some of the updated material, including the introduction and also part of the recent labyrinth history. Reproduced here is my original writing for Chapter XIX (Kern).

Screaming Pencils
My keynote talk at the 2002 Labyrinth Conference / Gathering in Sacramento, CA. This is an autobiographical account entitled "Screaming Pencils: The Life, Times, and Transformation of a Labyrinth Maker." (Talk).

My keynote talk at the 2003 Labyrinth Conference in Baltimore, MD, filling in for Jean Houston who was unable to attend due to injuries suffered in a bad accident in Mexico. The theme was "Resonance: Labyrinths 3500 Years in the Future." (Resonance)

Labyrinths in Healthcare Settings
This is an article oriented for hospitals and others, explaining the benefits of having a labyrinth. Healing.

A Talk at Sacred Heart Hospital in Eugene,OR
Speaking to a group planning for a labyrinth at their new hospital. Sacred Heart.

A Talk Given at Three Rivers Medical Center in Grants Pass, OR
A few comments prior to a labyrinth walk. Grants Pass.

12 Reasons Why Your Church Should Have a Labyrinth
Print out this article, plus some photos from our website (take your pick), to present to your church to inspire them to install a labyrinth. 12 Reasons. Available in pdf format: 12reasons.pdf

12 Reasons Why Your University Should Have a Labyrinth
Same idea as above, different slant. University.(pdf format)

Painting Instructions
Tips on how to paint your own canvas labyrinth. Painting Instructions.

Labyrinth Dedication Talk
Crystal Lake Labyrinth, Urbana, IL, May 21, 2004. Urbana.

Garden Labyrinths
Healing gardens are catching on in the landscape world. Gardens.

One Page Flyer on the Chartres Labyrinth
Suitable as a handout during a labyrinth walk. Flyer.

Defending Chartres Cathedral from silly theories about Templars
"Mything the Point"