This was supposed to be a perk for Judy, to go to the Grand Bahamas Island to make a granite labyrinth. It turned out that the rain, the mosquitoes, and an illness she contracted made the experience less than ideal. However, it was good to see the labyrinth come into being as part of the restoration project for the botanical garden, that was destroyed by a hurricane a number of years ago.

Here's where long legs make the ground farther away. Judy is drawing the petals, which will then be taped.

Cutting the plastic to cover the paths to protect them.

A young native Bahamian helping with the coloring, applying the granite resin with a putty knife.

Virtually all of the volunteer helpers were women, from their teens to their seventies.

The tent was expensive, and only partially shielded the labyrinth from the rain. This is a color made specifically for us, which we now call Bahamas blue. We also used it in Colorado at the Sophia Center.


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