For those who want to both draw and paint their own labyrinth, we sell blank canvas, already sewn together, cut to shape, and hemmed. In other words, no sewing required on your part. Since we buy thousands of yards of canvas per year, and have it sewn by a company with specialized heavy-duty equipment (quantity prices), you may find it less expensive to buy a blank canvas from us than to have one made yourself.

Preparing a blank canvas is more involved than you may think. We must have it sewn into the right size, then we lay it out and conduct a number of measurements in order to draw the perimeter shape. We then cut the shape and take the canvas back to be hemmed. Finally it is carefully folded and placed in a plastic storage/shipping container.

The cost of blank canvas depends on the size and the complexity of the shape. The following should apply, generally speaking. The size is before hemming, so the final size will be a few inches smaller.


12 feet

18 feet

24 feet

30 feet

36 feet





Octagonal or 12-sided

Octagonal or 12-sided







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