There are three ways to make a brick labyrinth. One is to just lay the bricks on the ground. I have seen this done in a way that looks very attractive. Usually, however, the bricks are sunk into the ground, so that the lawn mower can easily cut the grass.

One way to install the bricks is to paint the design on the grass, dig out the painted lines, and put bricks there. It is quite labor intensive. While making a labyrinth at a private residence in Florida, the owner asked if there was an easier way. I mentioned that we could put the bricks on the ground and then add the grass later. Although there was already grass on the site, he got a worker from a nearby construction site to skim off the grass with the bucket end of the backhoe. We then laid out the bricks. Finally, the sod people came and placed sod between the bricks. We made the paths 18 inches wide and discovered, by pure chance, that was the same width as the turf pieces. This is a more expensive alternative, but saves a lot of time. And time is money, they say.

Top photo: Pattern painted on ground.

Second photo: Having dug out the lines, putting bricks flush with the ground.

Third photo: Placing bricks on the ground.

Fourth photo: Adding grass between bricks.

Fifth photo: In Silver Bay, NY, getting ready to put mulch between the brick lines. Note landscape cloth to prevent the growth of weeds.