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When we began making labyrinths in 1995, canvas portables were our only product. Unlike our on-site work in making permanent labyrinths, canvas production takes place here in St. Louis where we have excellent professional sewing, and where Judy Hopen manages our 8,000 sq. ft. studio.. Although we have tried other fabrics, canvas is by far the most popular due to its neutral color, low cost, and durability. Our canvas labyrinths are described in more detail in the section dedicated to labyrinth sales (canvas labyrinths).

Top right photo: Sewing the canvas. We have designed the labyrinths to lay as flat as possible by using such techniques as low-profile double-needle seams.

Middle right photo: The large labyrinths come in sections, which we sometimes paint at our painting bench as a break from working on our hands and knees.

Lower right photo: The finished product, our most popular item — the Chartres labyrinth pattern, 36 feet in diameter.

Below: We have the only canvas labyrinth studio of its kind. See studio.

For free instructions on how to make your own labyrinth, see instructions.


I recently found on my computer information done several years ago to create a website about canvas labyrinths, their care, etc. I have decided to include that here for reference purposes. See More About Canvas Labyrinths.

Photo of the huge sewing table for making canvas labyrinths.





Photo of John Bielik painting canvas.





Photo of a canvas labyrinth.











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