Malcom Miller, the English tour guide at Chartres Cathedral, has been there for some 37 years. He's almost an institution all by himself. He doesn't much like the labyrinth, but on the inside cover of the new edition of his guide book to Chartres, what should appear? This beautiful picture. I wrote to Pitkin, the publisher of a poster of the same photo (also a postcard) and asked permission to use it on my website. (It is used widely, without permission.) I agreed to include a biography of Sonia Halliday, the professional photographer who took the photo. I received permission, but, alas, misplaced the biography. Very sorry, Sonia, we love your work and will do our best to give you full credit in the future. Meanwhile, here's the photo.

Gorgeous photo by Sonia Halliday of the interior of Chartres Cathedral.