There aren't many people (if any) in the entire world who have as many facts and figures in their heads about labyrinth making as Robert does. There is no reason for an architect or a church committee to reinvent the wheel or to wing it on their own when expert help is available. We know of a $60,000 labyrinth that is beautifully made, but has obvious and distracting errors in the execution of the design. The architect was clever and the craftsmen skilled. They did their best, but they just didn't know very much about labyrinths. Given their budget, a couple of thousand dollars for some good advice or assistance would have been cost effective.

Arial photo of the Cathedral Labyrinth in New Harmony, indiana.

Our credits include many beautiful labyrinths. One of the best known is the Cathedral Labyrinth in New Harmony, Indiana (above). In that instance, I actually escorted the architects to Chartres to show them the "real thing" and to take measurements. This exact-size replica is made from polished and matte-finished granite. The park was specifically designed for the labyrinth and incorporates features of Chartres Cathedral. Even the simple stone benches are like those found in Chartres. The architects were Kent Schuette and Rob Sovinski, from the landscape architecture department at Purdue University. It was inspired and financed by Mrs. Jane Owen. Chanoine Francois Legaux, rector of Chartres Cathedral (now retired), dedicated the labyrinth in October of 1998. (For more photos, see New Harmony Event from 2003)

Above is pictured the labyrinth at Florida Atlantic University. A previous labyrinth made by Gundala Friedman was replaced by a paver labyrinth. The difficulty is that it is elliptical. Although the pattern is a bit hard to see in this photo (the entrance is on the right), if was achieved by a local company using detailed drawings provided by Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC, including instructions on how to make an oval (two centers, etc.).

Consulting can be as simple as an hour or two of telephone conversation or it may involve having Robert fly to the site to make specific evaluations and suggestions. Besides acting as consultants, we can also be engaged to design the labyrinth (see design) and ultimately to install the labyrinth (see on site). Contact Robert regarding rates (contact information).