We do not make detailed architectural drawings. Rather, we make sketches and CAD line drawings that give ideas for labyrinth designs, taking into consideration our 19 years of experience and the principles of balance, rhythm, canon, and sacred geometry. Sometimes, we look at proposed designs and make suggestions for improvements. It often takes just a few hours of consulting time to make a custom design for a client. For more details, see consulting.

Top drawing: This was the design for the Mercy Center labyrinth, which is shown in another of the gallery entries (see Mercy Center). This was a volunteer-installed project with stones and mulch (originally wood mulch, later changed to rubber tire mulch).

Second drawing: This is a planned memorial garden with columbarium for a church near Chicago, IL. On the top and left sides is the building. The bottom and right sides consist of a wall surrounding an area lower than the surrounding terrain. Therefore, there is a ramp (and stairs) for entering into the garden. The labyrinth is on a raised berm with flowers. Four benches allow people to sit and contemplate. (Any geometers out there might notice that the benches square the circle. The quadrature of the circle is symbolic for bringing the divine essence into manifestation.) The gray wall on the right is the columbarium. The labyrinth is of the Santa Rosa pattern, which is a copyrighted design. We have a license to reproduce this elegant pattern. We sell canvas Santa Rosa labyrinths as well (canvas).

Third drawing: This is one of my favorite designs, although it was never built. It is very quadralinear and formal, Versailles-like. The entrance is a long colonnade (with a gazebo off to the right) with benches between the columns. The labyrinth itself is surrounded by four reflecting pools. I proposed three designs to this client who, in the end, took various ideas from all three.

Labyrinth designs may be traditional, modern, or a combination of the two. Patterns are readily adapted to specific circumstances such as special uses, site characteristics, and budget considerations. Often the design involves the labyrinth as part of a larger healing garden, memorial space, public park, or columbarium.

Often, watching others walk the labyrinth is as calming and beneficial as walking it oneself. Thus, we find that seating around the labyrinth is a very desirable feature. Of course landscaping, water features, lighting, shade trellises and other appurtenances can also enhance the labyrinth environment.

My rates are the same for all of the services I offer, $90 per hour or $1,000 per day, plus expenses and an allowance for long travel times.



Design drawing of stone and mulch labyrinth.


Design drawing of memorial garden with labyrinth.