Frequently Asked Questions
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Questions about our books and tapes. (Answers) 001

I am interested in information regarding sacred geometry, the Golden Mean, and any other information that helps me understand the philosophy/theology which motivated the builders of Chartres. m

Do you sell directions for an 11-circuit labyrinth I can create in my

Which of your materials should I use to make my own labyrinth?

Questions about portable fabric labyrinths. (Answers) 008

How can I get candle wax off of my labyrinth?

How do we clean our canvas labyrinths?

How big are the paths on your Chartres labyrinth?

I want to make my own canvas labyrinth. Where can I get canvas, and what kind of paint do I use?

Can you give me some tips on how to paint a canvas labyrinth?

General questions. (Answers) 009

I am afraid my conservative church elders will oppose getting a labyrinth. What can I do?

Do you have any details on the use of labyrinths in schools?

Is there such a thing as a "Celtic Labyrinth" or a "Druid Labyrinth"?

What role did the Templars have in building Chartres Cathedral, if any?

Should the labyrinth be flat, or can we build it on a slope?

Is it appropriate to put a peace pole in the center of the labyrinth?

My hospital is considering a labyrinth, but they want to see scientific studies that show that there is a benefit. Are there any such studies available?

General questions about building a labyrinth. (Answers) 002

Is there an easy way to determine the dimensions of the sides of an

Is there a difference between a left-handed or a right-handed labyrinth?

How big must my labyrinth be to accommodate wheelchairs?

What kind of paint do I use for painting a labyrinth on asphalt or concrete?

What direction should the entrance of the labyrinth face?

What is the minimum size for the paths on a labyrinth?

Can we build a labyrinth at our camp for the donation of $3,000 that we have received?

Questions about classical labyrinths. (Answers) 010

How much rope (or rock) does it take to make a classical 7-circuit labyrinth?

How many people can walk a classical labyrinth at one time?

Questions about the Chartres labyrinth. (Answers) 005

Your manual and Walking a Sacred Path, by Lauren Artress, give different measurements for the labyrinth. Which is correct?

Is the Chartres pattern based on an invisible 13-pointed star, as I have read?

I bought the Seed Kit from Veriditas, but I'm still having difficulty. Can you help?

Can you help me with the lunations around the perimeter?

What is the meaning of the lunations?

I'm having trouble getting the labyrinth into CAD, especially the lunations. Can you help?

What do the six petals mean?

What is the sacred geometry of the labyrinth?

Would the rose window in Chartres Cathedral hinge down onto the labyrinth, covering it exactly?

Can you tell me the exact measurements of the Chartres labyrinth?

Questions about dowsing as it relates to labyrinths. (Answers) 004

After I built my labyrinth someone did some measurements and dowsing and
promptly announced that it is not on the leyline, which will negatively influence the energy of the labyrinth. What do I do?

Questions about masking tape labyrinths. (Answers) 003

Do you offer a machine for laying down masking tape labyrinths?

What kind of masking tape do we use for hardwood floors?

Questions about building paver labyrinths. (Answers) 006

How can I get the math to work for a 20-foot paver labyrinth?

How many pavers do I need to make a labyrinth?

Where can I get information about constructing paver labyrinths?

Questions about mowing labyrinths. (Answers) 007

How can I mow a labyrinth into my yard?