In 2008 we introduced the use of real granite for permanent concrete installations. Our gallery section now features a number of installations using this material. Please see: Gallery. We are the only company from which this option is available.

Comprised of pulverized granite in an acrylic resin base, this product has no pigment, and should therefore withstand the effects of ultraviolet light, which fades most colors. The material is applied by masking off the pattern and shooting it with a special sprayer or applying it by hand. We do the latter, as we have more control over the quality, even though it takes longer. The granite material is more expensive than polymer concrete. However, the masking technology is less labor intensive than our scored and hand-colored polymer concrete method. A further savings may be realized if we use local workers or volunteers that you provide. In such case, the granite labyrinths are a tremendous value for the cost, which is considerably less than for the polymer concrete.

Granite offers wonderful colors that are not stable in polymer concrete, such as reds, greens and blues. As usual, we have adapted this product for our specific use in making labyrinths. Like polymer concrete, granite overlay was developed for resurfacing old concrete to give it extended life. It is also used for putting company logos and other designs onto the concrete. The more we work with the material, the more impressed we are with it.

Below is a brief summary. For more details on examples of granite labyrinths, see the Gallery section.

Above, the pattern is masked off with only the area to be colored exposed.

We meticulously apply a consistent layer of the material to a thickness of around one-eighth inch.

The brilliant color of the granite can be combined with integral color in the background concrete. Above is a southwestern color scheme suggesting terre cotta and turquoise.

Note that our photos include real people. This is not just a product, it is a work of art, made by hand (many hands, actually). The labyrinth above was made by an all-woman crew in the Bahamas, directed by Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC vice president Judy Hopen, then our studio manager. Volunteer workers ranged in age from teens to 70's.

Granite overlay has a very high non-skid coefficient due to its natural texture formed by the crushed granite in the acrylic base. The surface is sealed to protect it from stains. As granite contains quartz crystal, the material sparkles in the sunlight.