A client in Michigan wanted a Santa Rosa painted in ivy, since the originator of the pattern, Dr. Lea Goode-Harris, had painted one in ivy. "Sure," I said innocently. "No problem."

Then I tried a variety of ways of making the leaves, such as stamping, etc. Ultimately I decided that the leaves should be life-size, based on the ivy in my backyard. I used actual leaves to make the templates (half a dozen of them, which, turned different ways, kept the pattern from looking repeated). I then painted all of the vines and veins (five per leaf) by hand. I estimate there were more than 3,000 leaves. The whole project took six days.

I still offer ivy as an option, but it is an expensive upgrade. (See Santa Rosa).





Robert Ferre drawing ivy lines on a labyrinth.

Close up of vines painted on the labyrinth.Santa Rosa labyrinth painted with ivy lines.