Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital

Here, Chuck Hunner is cutting the tips of the lunations. There are 113 teeth and 112 of these partial circles around the perimeter, the latter representing four lunar months
(4 x 28 = 112), hence lunations.

The cutting tools are standard, including circular saws, grinders, Roto-Zip and Dremel tools, all equiped with diamond blades. To control those tools, we have made our own contraptions, as you see in these two photos.

Below, John Ridder is cutting the lunations themselves, using a tool that is kept steady by sitting on it.

To do this kind of work you must know labyrinths and their geometry, concrete, tool invention and repair, and how to use the tools precisely. We cut this entire labyrinth with no mistakes and an accuracy of around 1/8 to 1/4 inches (across 42 feet).