The Kanuga Conference Center Labyrinth

Founded in 1928, Kanuga Conference Center, located in Hendersonville, North Carolina, is a beautiful facility enjoyed by a great variety of groups.They can accommodate up to 400 people. (See

In November, 2002, we constructed a labyrinth using our proprietary polymer concrete technique. The ground preparation and concrete slab were done prior to our arrival. We then cut the labyrinth pattern into the concrete, using specialized tools with diamond blades. The pattern is a full-size pure Chartres design, just as in Chartres Cathedral in France. We say "pure Chartres" because many Chartres labyrinths are designed with some minor changes first done at Grace Cathedral, in San Francisco. The difference is in the labryses and the petals. This is explained elsewhere on this website, in the canvas labyrinth section.

The lines of the Chartres pattern are three inches wide. We made two parallel cuts, three inches apart, designating the line area.We then filled the space between the lines with a layer of charcoal-colored polymer concrete, which bonds to the surface and becomes a permanent part of the concrete. Unlike paint or stain, it should never wear out. In fact, the p.s.i. (durability) rating is actually higher than that of the concrete itself. The entire labyrinth is then sealed, which is standard for any type of decorative concrete.

Here are some photos of the labyrinth during construction. As soon as the landscaping is finished we will have some final photos. Click here for a general discussion of concrete labyrinths.

Left: The Chartres pattern accurately cut into the concrete.
Right: Men in white. Our Labyrinth enterprises crew for this project. From left to right: John Bielik, Robert Ferre, Peter Thomasson, and Chuck Hunner. My thanks to everyone for a job well done.
Left: While concrete-cutting tools are available commercially, none of them are made for the kind of detail necessary for such small work as petal tips and line ends. Therefore, we have made our own tools for doing this work.

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