The next generation of labyrinth builders

When Lars approached me at a training I was conducting at Grace Cathedral and said we was interested in answeing my call for an apprentice to continue my work, I was both overjoyed and skeptical. Would he find the work rewarding? Would he grasp the concepts? The answer is yes. Working by my side as an apprentice, he absorbed the techniques and principles I had developed over the years. I have tried to put the same material in my books, but it is different out on the concrete in the direct sun.

Approximately half my age, Lars represents the future of labyrinth work. Us old fogies who have been making labyrinths for a couple of decades now come from a different era. Lars has a fresh outlook and, most of all, a command of social media and the ability to create visually inviting graphics. He still calls me from time to time with a question, but he is fully capable of doing great work. Further, he has taken over my duties in the Labyrinth Summer School trainings offered by Veriditas (see . He is also involved doing media things for the Labyrinth Society. In the process, his photography captures everything.

Lars is "borrowing" my tools now. He may also end up with my labyrinth book library. He's a big strong guy, yet also soft and sensitive. Now a family man, he may not have to forge his way quite as much as we early pioneers in the labyrnth movement did. Labyrinths are better known, now. I believe the demand for them will continue for a long time. While I support all of my labyrinth making colleagues, I refer most of my work to Lars. He has commited himself to making labyrinths full time. I am very pleased. Labyrinth Enterprises LLC is still in operation. I am available for consulting and design and even installations, but mostly now it is the vehicle for publishing the books I have been writing.

Lars and Lea Goode-Harris made this Santa Rosa labyrinth in Ross, California, here being walked by Lars' wife Lissette.

Above: Contemporary labyrinth Lars and Robert built at Sofia University in Palo Alto, California. The very evocative sculptures were done by Michael Powers. The six circuit labyrinth reflected the six points of wisdom taught at the school. Here is a video on YouTube taken by Lars (you can see the shadow of the pole holding the camera up high) of the Sofia labyrinth.

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Lars can make staid labyrinths with traditional materials, but also creative installations such as this.

Lars self portrait.