First Presbyterian Church
Danville, KY

Located in Daville, next to Centre College, the First Presbyterian Church had a local quarryman cut out layers of limestone to make a flat terrace for a labyrinth. It was interesting to see how green limestone was almost fragile, chipping and cutting easily. Chartres Cathedral is made of a type of limestone quarried six miles away from the cathedral. Now, after more than 800 years, the stone is amazingly dense and strong. Perhaps this will be like that someday.

We ate in the college cafeteria for most of our meals, reaffirming how different college students are from when we went to college, and also how much they are the same. One evening I gave an illustrated talk on labyrinths.

We cut the Chartres pattern into the limestone in early December during a week of cold and snow. Later, during a "heat wave," volunteers stained it, directed by Chuck Whitehouse, a local sculptor of national fame. His cast bronze bowls are quite amazing. We enjoyed a very fine reception one evening at his studio.




Three inches of snow during the night covered our work.


My crew member Chuck Hunner called me "A Lion in Winter"

.Cut limestone.