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Many of these links may no longer be functional.   The Labyrinth Society, international organization, forum, events, gatherings, membership information.   Labyrinthos, Jeff and Kimerbly Saward, world's greatest expert on labyrinths, British labyrinth journal Caerdroia Enter your labyrinth, or find a labyrinth anywhere in the world.   Veriditas: The Worldwide Labyrinth Project, the Reverend Dr. Lauren Artress, labyrinth locator list, facilitator training, Grace Cathedral. Marty Kermeen, the world's greatest paver labyrinth maker. Chuck Hunner, labyrinths and jewelry.  Mid-Atlantic Geomancy, Sig Lonegren, ezines, labyrinth information. Jo Edkin's Maze Page, more than 60 illustrations of labyrinths Labyrinth Resource Group (Santa Fe), manual for working with labyrinths in schools Santa Rosa Labyrinth Foundation, Lea Goode-Harris, Ph.D. Timeless Wisdom, Michael Scheider's page on sacred geometry Labyrinth Guild of New England The website of John James, expert on Gothic architecture Indiana Labyrinth Coalition, John Ridder Author, a great labyrinth ministry, photography, and information about Chartres. Labyrinth Link Australia Gernot Candolini, author, from Austria (mostly in German) Erwin Reissmann, very active and informative site History of labyrinths in the Netherlands (English summary) Neal Harris, labyrinth research, finger labyrinths, Illinois labyrinth list Wings Cancer Foundation, Memphis, exemplary use of their labyrinth / Mid-Atlantic Geomancy, Sig Lonegren Labyrinth online Labyrinthina by Kathy Doore, extensive A critical voice against labyrinths (Protestant) An error-filled judgmental interpretation against labyrinth use by Catholics More criticism of labyrinths as being unChristian  Earth Symbols, (Alex Champion, Alex's writing Finger labyrinths, Rita Caroni Pax Works, John Ridder, finger labyrinths, portable and permanent labyrinths Diocese of Chartres, France. Chartres Cathedral. Adrian Fisher, world's premiere maze maker Jonathan Quintin, sacred mandala art