Another material for making a temporary labyrinth is masking tape.We have details on how to do this here on the website (instructions). Here are three examples of masking tape labyrinths.

Top photo: A labyrinth made by a 9th grade class in the faculty lounge. (We were supposed to do it outdoors, but the weather didn't cooperate.)

Second photo: Labyrinth at First Night St. Louis (New Year's Eve celebration), 1997. Note the detours around the pillars. Diameter: 98 feet.

Third photo: Again First Night St. Louis, in 1998. Diameter: 104 feet. It took 15 people about three hours to complete the labyrinths. About 2,000 people walked it on New Year's Eve. The next day it took me three hours to pull all the tape back up again.

Photo of students walking a masking tape labyrinth.