Columbia, SC

This work is very technical and very complicated. I have been training Judy, my assistant and production manager, for years. Still, I have always felt it was necessary for me to personally be on site to make sure things go well. At some point, I must kick the birdlets out of the nest.

This project was that point. We had two labyrinth jobs scheduled at the same time. I went to do one, while Judy and Chuck did this job. The weather was scorching, so they started very early in the day and stopped about noon. Neither had a camera, so we have no close-up photos yet. If anyone seeing this on the Internet is from Columbia and wants to send some photos, that would be great..

Due to rain, our crew had to leave before the sealing was complete. It was done by a volunteer group of young people who were part of a city work program. Our thanks to them.


We returned a year later to see this labyrinth and were very disappointed. It was dirty and not well-maintained, even though the front of the park looked spiffy. An insurance company that had apparently donated some of the money put a bronze plaque identifying themselves, right in the entrance path. Ugh! Note the swinging benches. They are used by homeless people every night. I hope they also walk the labyrinth.



Trying to find refuge from the sun. The heat dried the polymer concrete very fast.