Please note: Some people think that the closing of our studio and the fact that I (Robert Ferre) am retired, means that Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC, is going out of business. That's not the case. Rather, Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC, is being transformed into a collaborative of labyrinth artists who will continue our tradition of excellence in the installation of permanent on-site labyrinths. Below is a description of our previous work, all of which is still available by our artists, as well as new possibilities.

Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC, a collaborative of labyrinth artists, offers a wide range of capabilities in on-site labyrinth installation. In most cases, these are budget driven, with the resources determining the type of labyrinth, the materials, method of construction, and the extent of our involvement.

First, we can help to create enthusiasm for the construction of a permanent labyrinth by giving a lecture or labyrinth training. As the planning continues, we can serve as a consultant. In just an hour or two, we can help the landscape architect or labyrinth committee achieve a creative plan which maximizes the effectiveness and utilization of the labyrinth. We can point out considerations which they may otherwise have missed. As a further step, we can design or adapt not just the labyrinth pattern, but the entire environment and setting for the needs of the particular site and situation.

Ultimately,our artists come to the site to help construct the labyrinth. We are not general contractors, or any kind of contractor. We are labyrinth artists. Below are descriptions and examples of some of the different possibilities. The blue links lead to photos and more detailed explanations.

Consulting: The most skilled architects and planners seek professional advice in areas of which they have no previous experience. A more amateur approach is to plunge ahead without assistance. We have seen beautifully constructed labyrinths with serious errors or problems, not because the builders weren't skilled, but rather, because they didn't have a depth of understanding with regards to labyrinths and their geometry. They did their best, but fell short of what could have been accomplished with just a little more professional input from us. One of our biggest successes as consultants was the Cathedral Labyrinth and Sacred Garden in New Harmony, Indiana.We can provide designs that include feng shui, sacred designs, landscaping, and more.

Drawing the Labyrinth: Our particular expertise is in drawing the labyrinth, gained through making hundreds of labyrinths. We can come to the site and draw the pattern, which is then painted or cut and stained, made into terrazzo or utilized in other ways by volunteers or subcontractors. For example, in the case of a terrazzo labyrinth, we can draw the pattern on the concrete sub-base so that the metal dividers can be accurately installed, prior to pouring the aggregate.

Concrete Labyrinths: Dollar for dollar, concrete is the best value and most cost effective medium in many situations in that it is long-lasting, durable, handicapped accessible, and involves established construction techniques. Concrete doesn't need to be that dull, gray material used for sidewalks anymore. Previously, designs on concrete were done with paint or stain, which don't hold up. For that reason, we developed the use of polymer concrete or crushed granite overlay, resulting in a durable, long-lasting, low-maintenance labyrinth. See many examples in the gallery section of the website. See also, polymer concrete and granite.

Paver Labyrinths: We usually make our paver labyrinths in association with Marty Kermeen,far and away the world's greatest paver labyrinth maker. For two very unique paver projects see Valparaiso University and the University of Southern Indiana.

See the Project Gallery section for a gallery of some of our projects.