Descriptions of our work include pdf files, which summarize the projects without website formatting, making
them ideal for printing out. You may use any of our photos for informational and noncommercial purposes.
As a courtesy, drop us a line to let us know what you have used (contact). We haven't added new photos for quite some time, so this is just a small sample of our work.

CATHEDRAL LABYRINTH in New Harmony, Indiana — the most beautiful labyrinth in the United States. We served as consultants, actually taking the architects to Chartres, France, to see and measure the real thing. The labyrinth is made from granite, the paths being matt finish and the lines polished. The garden setting was designed specifically for the labyrinth, based on the dimensions of the nave of Chartres Cathedral.


We score the pattern into the concrete using diamond-bladed tools of our own design, and then hand-color it with polymer concrete. Previously, decorative concrete offered only paint or stain, which don't hold up in the long run. Our all-concrete method makes cost-effective concrete available for public venues. Institutions appreciate this technology because the labyrinths are attractive, affordable, durable, and low-maintenance. Here is a sheet that shows examples: Durability pdf file. The most extensive personal account of a project is St. Clement in Hawaii (see below, or see Hawaii). One of the most beautiful settings is Marianjoy.

This recognition of the labyrinth make's a labyrinth artist's heart sing. Extensive photos.

THE PARISH OF ST. CLEMENT, Honolulu, HI. Squeezed onto their small lot is a full-size Chartres labyrinth. The concession is that they frequently have to use it as a parking lot. Gallery Sheet pdf file.

KANUGA CONFERENCE AND RETREAT CENTER in Hendersonville, NC, located in a beautiful wooded area (you will see leaves on the concrete). Gallery sheet: pdf file

SALLY'S LABYRINTH, located in southern Maryland on the private estate of Ben Bradlee (of Washington Post fame) who gave the labyrinth to his wife, Sally Quinn. She said, "It's the best gift I have ever received."

TRINITY EPISCOPAL CHURCH, Santa Barbara, CA. What a beautiful community. We loved working there, ate at some great restaurants, and were treated very well. This would be a great place to retire, if only I could afford it. Gallery sheet: pdf file

MAXCY GREGG PARK, Columbia, SC. This public park is dedicated to cancer survivors. On a recent visit, to our dismay, the labyrinth was poorly maintained and a donor had placed a bronze plaque right in the entrance path. Gallery sheet: pdf file

OUR LADY OF VICTORY HOSPITAL, Stanley, WI. This was one of our most difficult installations, due to the extreme conditions. The pdf file contains a description of the construction process as well as an account of visiting two years later and being impressed by how nice it looked. Gallery sheet: pdf file

UNIVERSITY OF REDLANDS, Redlands, CA. This is a beautiful setting behind Memorial Chapel on the spacious campus of the University of Redlands. Gallery sheet: pdf file

FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, Livermore, CA. Located in a courtyard between the church and school buildings, it is well appreciated. This installation set a record for number of dinner invitations to our crew, with banquets almost every night. Gallery sheet: pdf file

BOONE HOSPITAL, Columbia, MO. Located on a quiet corner, it is often walked by people who live nearby. Gallery sheet: pdf file

JACKSON HEIGHTS (Bronx), NY The first all-concrete labyrinth in the New York City area.

SPRING LAKE, NJ, a small Santa Rosa pattern, 28 feet in diameter.

CARSON CITY, NV cancer center with 8-circuit Chartres-like "Renewal" design.

YANNEY HERITAGE PARK, Kearney, NE. Located in a new 40-acre park, near the observation tower. Gallery sheet pdf file.

We have many more examples on polymer concrete, but I think this suffices to give you the concept. Contact us to see if there is an installation near you.


Since introducing our granite resin labyrinths in 2007, it has become our most popular material. It is comprised of actual pulverized granite in an acrylic resin. Like polymer concrete, it was invented to resurface existing (or new) concrete. There is no pigment, which means it should withstand ultraviolet light, which fades concrete products. Plus, it has quartz crystal in it, so it sparkles in the sun. It is available in colors such as greens and blues and reds that are not easy to do in polymer concrete (and in some cases, impossible).The granite material is more expensive than polymer concrete. However, the masking technology used to install it is less labor intensive than our scored and hand-colored method. In fact, often, either Robert or Judy will go alone to a job and use local workers or even volunteers. This greatly lowers the overall cost of the labyrinth by reducing the costs for travel, lodging, and meals compared to bringing a whole crew with us. Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC, is the only company offering labyrinths made with this material.

SOPHIA CENTER, Dolores, CO. Located on an island made of stone retaining walls.

GRAND BAHAMAS ISLAND Part of the restoration of the botanical garden.

VITAS HOSPICE, San Antonio, TX This is a small 5-circuit labyrinth in a lovely shaded courtyard.

PEACE LUTHERAN CHURCH, Grass Valley, CA This has a special logo in the center.

DOVER, DE Located at a private home that has spa and energy services.

DELMAR BAPTIST CHURCH, St. Louis, MO A memorial to a church couple.

ST. THOMAS CHURCH, Fort Washington, PA



Masking is less labor-intensive than the scoring method described in the above section on polymer concrete. It achieves the same durability at a lower cost. This method is also available starting in 2008 using granite resin, which is comprised of powdered granite in a carrier base. There is no pigment to fade, as the color is the color of the granite itself. Here is more information: Granite Resin pdf file.

GLOBAL HARMONY LABYRINTH, Como Park, St. Paul, MN Dedicated to the sister cities of St. Paul and Nagasaki. Rather than being scored and hand-colored, it was masked and "shot" with polymer concrete using a hopper gun. Gallery sheet: pdf file .

FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, Valparaiso, IN Constructed with high school helpers in memory of a teen who was killed. Same masking technology. Gallery sheet: pdf file

CENTENARY UMC in St. Louis, originally stained concrete, then upgraded to polymer concrete when the stain didn't hold up. Gallery sheet: pdf file

We draw by hand, using simple compasses and straight edges, just like our medieval counterparts.

DANVILLE, California — drawing a Chartres labyrinth on a cement slab using Sharpie® magic markers. We did the drawing and a volunteer did the painting.

PAINTING FAUX PEBBLES in Nashville, more than 10,000 of them. It was the best solution for their rough concrete problem. Gallery sheet: pdf file

URSULINE COLLEGE near Cleveland, OH, painted on concrete. Gallery sheet: pdf file

TRINITY EPISCOPAL PARK AND COLUMBARIUM, Ashland, OR. Gallery sheet: pdf file


We developed our polymer and granite resin techniques to replace stain and paint. However, indoors, stain is still sometimes appropriate. Note in the "problems to avoid" section we have a story of an unhappy client who bought a stained labyrinth from our competitor (see stain story).

CHURCH OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD, Augusta, Georgia. The pattern was scored into the floor of the parish hall and then stained faux walnut to match the beams. Gallery sheet: pdf file.


These labyrinths were done with an environmentally friendly acrylic resin made by AllDeck. For more about this process, see: AllDeck (pdf file).

ST. JAMES CATHEDRAL in Chicago. This labyrinth's days are numbered, as a 40-story hotel will be built on the site. It was one of our first on-site labyrinth installations, years ago. Gallery sheet: pdf file.

WINGS CANCER FOUNDATION, Memphis, TN It was so hot the August we made this that we switched to working at night, with halogen lamps. Wings is a model for providing patient support and care (see Gallery sheet: pdf file.


Years ago, hand-cut paver labyrinths were very costly; so we developed a method of scoring and staining that considerably reduced the price. We don't do this any more, however, as the opportunity to use water-jet cutting has reduced the cost of obtaining a full paver labyrinth to almost the same level.

NEW VERNON, NJ. Private labyrinth, constructed with Marty Kermeen, the world's greatest paver labyrinth artist. Gallery sheet: pdf file.

DOMINICAN HOUSE, Houston, TX. We stayed in the convent's guest rooms. Just us "girls" having lots of fun. Marty Kermeen installed the pavers and we did the scoring and staining.

FEDERATED CHURCH, Chagrin Falls, OH. The extraordinary landscaping makes this one of our most beautiful labyrinths --with a waterfall, moat, bridge, and more. Gallery sheet: pdf file.


Actually, most bricks are clay, whereas pavers are compressed concrete. We rarely use bricks unless we are matching an existing landscape. Our installer is Marty Kermeen. When we work together, Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC, offers additional design and management capabilities.

ZION UCC, Florissant, MO (St. Louis). This is an example of water jet cutting technology, which reduced on-site labor. Subsequent to our departure, lightning struck a huge tree which fell directly onto the labyrinth, and didn't even make a dent! That says a lot about the quality of the underlying base, unmatched by low-cost installations that cut corners. Gallery sheet: pdf file.

VALPARAISO UNIVERSITY, Valparaiso, IN This was a huge project with many technical challenges and a unique design. We are always glad to exercise our capabilities. Gallery sheet: pdf file.

UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN INDIANA. This was a unique project in both design and technology. There is a webcam which looks down at the labyrinth (see, although the camera isn't always on the labyrinth). Gallery sheet pdf file.


FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, Danville, KY Yes, our second Danville (the other was in California). We did the cutting work in December, fighting the snow and cold. They stained it themselves the following spring. Gallery sheet: pdf file.


VILLAGE CHURCH, Wellesley, MA Here I drew our Petite Chartres design and volunteers helped to paint, on the wooden floor of the chapel. The best way to achieve accuracy with volunteers is to mask off the design. Gallery sheet: pdf file.

UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, Wichita, KS. This labyrinth shares the space with a basketball court. Each has its own color for its lines. Gallery sheet: pdf file.


PAINTED GRASS labyrinth, using a paint cart like the ones used to mark sports fields.

MERCY CENTER, St. Louis, an 88-foot Chartres pattern made of stone and rubber mulch (doesn't degrade).

BACKYARD labyrinth, a small 7-circuit with stones (our former residence).

BRICK LABYRINTH Grass paths, brick lines. Two installation techniques.

SILVER BAY, NY Located at a large YMCA camp on Lake George. We stayed several extra days in the great old lodge, enjoying the scenery. We directed a group of volunteers in the construction.

THOMPSON CENTER, St. Louis, MO. This labyrinth involved the use of a sod cutter to cut out the paths -- a good technique for low-cost labyrinths in public areas. It is no longer there, victim of real estate development.

EVANGELICAL UCC, Webster Groves, MO (my hometown) This was an Eagle Scout project, with most of the work being done by scouts (who rarely followed my instructions). It involves grass paving, a technology that makes grass labyrinths wheelchair accessible and passes ADA codes.


ST. LUKE'S HOSPITAL, St. Louis, a canvas 7-circuit labyrinth.

CANVAS labyrinths of all kinds (we've made 885 as of January, 2008). Gallery sheet: pdf file.

RAINBOW labyrinth (nylon), a very colorful labyrinth, small, almost indestructible. Gallery sheet: pdf file.

RAINBOW SANTA ROSA, a very elegant design.

RAINBOW CHARTRES reflecting the superb skills of our master painter, Judy Hopen

RAINBOW canvas 7-circuit labyrinth. Seven for the number of paths, number of colors, and chakras.

IVY SANTA ROSA with more than 3,000 hand-painted leaves.


Note that we have free instructions on how to make labyrinths. See instructions.

SPAGHETTIO LABYRINTH at Mary Institute Country Day School in St. Louis, a 7-circuit made from cans of food.

MASKING TAPE labyrinths, 100 feet in diameter, made with a mile of masking tape.

SNOW LABYRINTH that lasted for about two weeks before melting.

PARKING LOT labyrinth made of stones on the asphalt.

WOODEN BLOCK LABYRINTH, light weight, portable, good on paved surfaces.


Most of our work is with traditional designs, which we modify as needed for the circumstances, materials, and site. We also make custom designs.