Painting labyrinths on grass is a low-cost and easy way to make a temporary labyrinth for a special occasion. This labyrinth was made for National Trail Days, in St. Charles, Missouri, in 1998. The paths are four feet wide so that they can accommodate bicycles. This is a 7-circuit design, with enlarged center. Working by myself, it took about 90 minutes to make. I used a paint wand, which is a handle with a trigger at the top and a can of paint at the bottom. I found it rather hard to control accurately. I prefer the little four-wheel plastic paint carts (see below). They are easier to control.   

I painted a labyrinth for the labyrinth conference in St. Louis in 1998 (during which the Labyrinth Society was founded). The most interesting part is the paint cart. It cost about $60 at a sporting goods store (now about $150). Having four wheels, it is much more stable and easier to be accurate with. The cart requires special cans of paint, which cost about $6.00 each. I used three to make the labyrinth.

Photo of kids riding bicycles in a rope labyrinth.

Photo of a labyrinth painted on the grass.

Photo showing a four-wheeled painting cart.