Here are someof the patterns that we have made.

Chartres . . . Petite Chartres . . . Heart of Chartres . . . Santa Rosa . . . Classical . . .Rainbow . . . Amiens

We have the capability to reproduce any design, traditional, contemporary, or submitted by the client.

Below are a few popular patterns for you to use. Click here to see Examples.

Chartres (jpeg)
Chartres (pdf) or Purple Chartres (pdf)
ChartresEssence (jpeg)
Octagonal Chartres (jpeg)
Octagonal Chartres (pdf)
Modified 7-circuit Chartres (jpeg)
Modified 7-circuit Chartres (pdf)
Petite Chartres (jpeg)
Petite Chartres (pdf)
Five Circuit Round (jpeg)
Five Circuit Round (pdf)
Seven Circuit Wide Lines (jpeg)
Seven Circuit Wide Lines (pdf)
Seven Circuit Round (jpeg)
Seven Circuit Round (pdf)
Baltic Wheel (jpeg)
Baltic Wheel (pdf)
Twin Hearts (jpeg)
Twin Hearts (pdf)

Our links section lists several sites that have many labyrinth patterns. Here are a few. Jo Edkin.s maze page
(We call them labyrinths, but she's British . . . ) Another British site

In the future we will have labyrinth designs available here in pdf format.