To the inexperienced eye, laying pavers seems simple -- just put down a bed of sand and slap them down. But, of course, there is much more than that. Consider this email that we received from someone who had originally contacted Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC, to do their labyrinth, but was overruled by someone who felt they could save money by having their local landscaper do it.

The staff over-ruled me and used a firm that had never before built a labyrinth - choosing not to use persons, such as yourself with years of experience. That was a terrible mistake. The labyrinth has settled into the ground and is not level.

The key to a long-lasting durable paver labyrinth lies in the quality of the base, in the bedding sand, and in the meticulous geometry. There are a number of companies that are now selling paver labyrinth kits, suggesting that anyone can follow their instructions and install a labyrinth. The problems may not show up for a year or even five years. For the real difference, come back in 10 years.

Our labyrinths are installed by Marty Kermeen, the world's greatest and most-experienced paver labyrinth maker. Never was it more true than with pavers that you get what you pay for.