Our studio has closed and we no longer sell this item.
See: canvas and canvas labyrinths.

The Petite Chartres is a round, 7-circuit labyrinth designed to be a look-alike substitute for the full Chartres labyrinth. Being 20 to 24 feet in diameter, it can fit into smaller rooms. Originally, the Santa Rosa labyrinth served to fill this need (and still does, very well). However, clients sometimes requested that we add petals and lunations (the perimeter partial circles) so that it would look more like the Chartres labyrinth. Therefore, we came up with our own design.

Photo of canvas Petite Chartres labyrinthStandard size is 24-feet in diameter. The Petite Chartres has off-set entrance paths, central petals and lunations, just as with the Chartres pattern. However, there are fewer circuits (concentric circular paths) and fewer lunations. Specifically, there are seven circuits and 84 lunations. The lunations of the Chartres labyrinth form a lunar calendar, sufficient for determining the date for Easter (the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox). The Chartres labyrinth has 112 lunations, being four lunar months of 28. The Petite Chartres has 84 lunations, being three lunar months. Hence, the symbolism is maintained.

My thanks are due to Gloria Good, who not only urged me to make the first Petite Chartres, but has actually bought two of them.