Dealing With Pillars

If you have pillars in the room where you would like to have a labyrinth, you may be surprised to know that the distance between the pillars needs to be only 2/3 of the diameter of the labyrinth. This is shown in the drawing below.

As you cans see, one of our 24-foot canvas labyrinths (which is a few inches smaller after hemming) can fit between pillars with 18 feet of space between them (red dots). Do you have only 14 feet of space? You could still accommodate a 20-foot labyrinth (green dots).

.Or, we could make the labyrinth with a cut-out in the very center for a pillar. That means, in the case of 14-foot pillars, you could have a full 36-foot labyrinth.

In one instance we made a labyrinth with four cut-outs for four pillars. It came out close, but wasn't the best solution.

The bottom line is this: We can overcome pillars and help you get the labyrinth that you want.