These ten photos are full-page, without captions. Note that the sequence is not the same as the numbers in the file names. The photos are as follows:


1) Cleaning the concrete (acid etching): 600Hawaii10.pdf

2) Laying out the measurements: 600Hawaii9.pdf

3) Cutting the pattern into the concrete: 600Hawaii8.pdf

4) Dinner for our crew (can't work all the time) : 600Hawaii7.pdf

5) Detailing the cuts: 600Hawaii6.pdf

6) Example of a cut lunation: 600Hawaii4.pdf

7) Lunations colored: 600Hawaii5.pdf

8) Applying the polymer concrete by hand: 600Hawaii3.pdf

9) Taking a break: 600Hawaii2.pdf

10) The finished product: 600Hawaii1.pdf

This labyrinth is located at the Parish of St. Clement in Honolulu, Hawaii

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