Our rainbow labyrinth was first introduced to the public at the Labyrinth Society gathering in Atlanta in November of 2001. We had to work out a number of technological and production problems to be able to make this design available at a reasonable price. Not surprisingly, the cutting, piecing and sewing are very intricate and time-consuming. I am especially grateful to John Bielik for his contributions in the production of this item.

Seven circuits, seven colors. There are seven of many things, including seven chakras. Since the chakras (energy centers in the body) are also associated with rainbow colors, the possibilities for this labyrinth are many. It is made from Cordura nylon, a heavy-duty nylon which is extremely durable.
Black braid separates the paths, making the colors really stand out. The size is 14 feet in diameter, small enough to fit into many spaces but still large enough to give adults room to walk it. It is ideal for classrooms and working with children. Photo of naylon Rainbow labyrinth.


Pretty, ain't it? We closed our studio years ago and no longer offer this product.