The pattern found in Chartres Cathedral is our most asked for design. Chartres is located an hour west of Paris. The labyrinth was installed early in the construction of the cathedral, probably in 1201. The symbolism and meaning reflect a time when sacred geometry was practiced, people believed that God was the Creator, and the intellect was used in the service of faith and devotion.

Judy Hopen, our production manager and master painter, has drawn and painted more Chartres patterns than anyone alive. The quality of her work is astounding, far exceeding anything a stencil or a computerized printer and do.

The rainbow Chartres gives Judy a chance to exhibit her impressive talent. There are 12 circles in the Chartres design. Using six rainbow colors, each one is expressed twice. Thus the inner reflects the outer, which is true in the geometry as well. This is an upgrade from our one-color versions. The rainbow Chartres comes in diameters from 30to 36 feet and costs $3,600.

Just after painting, the canvas puckers from the moisture. As it dries, it relaxes. This is apparent in the bottom photo.

Our studio has been closed for many years. For information about portable labyrinths see canvas and canvas labyrinths. Thanks.