The Labyrinth at Memorial Chapel
University of Redlands
Redlands, California

We travel all over the country, making labyrinths of all types, in many materials, and under many circumstances. In Salina, Kansas, for example, it was 97 degrees with 25 mph winds. It is only fair, therefore, that we occasionally encounter a favorable situation. A previous installation, in Santa Barbara, California, stands out as being a time of generous hospitality, beautiful town, and excellent working conditions. Well, California has outdone itself once more. During our installation at the University of Redlands we had great weather, fabulous hospitality, and a gorgeous setting. Our experience was described by Chuck Hunner, our on-site foreman, who kept a daily blog (web log, i.e., diary). A talented jeweler, Chuck has several labyrinth blogs on his website: To learn more about our proprietary all-concrete technique, see concrete. Our fee for installing a labyrinth on concrete such as this is currently $18,000 plus travel and lodging. It is durable, low-maintenance, and perfect for institutional settings.


Usually we work on a construction site, which doesn't lend itself to ideal photographs. In Redlands, however, the site was complete, awaiting only for the labyrinth to be installed. It has a landscaped berm, an interesting wall, seating, lighting, a central location. This is certainly an idea circumstance for the people of Redlands to enjoy a beautiful labyrinth. Many thanks to my work crew, comprised of Chuck Hunner, John Ridder, and Dan Raven. Thanks also to volunteers Pat, Fred, and Theresa. My only regret is that I never got to try Janet's bread pudding.

The site design was beautifully done by Paul Lentz, AIA, of Lentz Morrissey Architecture in Santa Ana, CA. Pat Vieten was the guiding force behind the entire project. All of that hard work has paid off.