The site looks down on the broad St. Mary's River. Across the river we could see the Brome-Howard Inn, a fabulous place to stay or eat, where we mowed a large labyrinth into their yard. Meanwhile, this concrete project was delayed by weather, which continued to threaten. We loved sitting in the kitchen of the main house for lunch. The original structure, built in the 18th century, was restored and expanded by Ben Bradlee and Sally Quinn with exquisite taste. It has rightly been featured in a number of magazine articles.

The labyrinth is away from the house, beyond the pool and tennis courts, just before the land drops off sharply into a ravine caused by an inlet from the river. Due to the soft ground, we wondered how the concrete trucks would be able to get there, but there was an old road base around the edge of the field which supported vehicles, including our tool trailer..


My three crew members on this job: Judy Hopen, Chuck Hunner, and Stephanie Blackton.