Labyrinth Master Class

Right (above): Laying out a classical labyrinth in small scale using the innovative five-stake method developed by Robert Ferre.

Right (below): We had plenty of room in our 8,000 square foot studio. (See studio.)

An email from a participant:

"Dear Robert and Judy, S--- and I would like to thank both of you for a most wonderful, informative labyrinth training. The weekend was veryhelpful to us in terms of clarifying questions and problems we were
having in the design, as well as all of the new information presented. Your books, Robert, will be invaluable in the process of creating our labyrinth(s)! We look forward to a time when we might see you again in your St. Louis studio . . . or perhaps, have you consult for us."


Every year Veriditas sponsors a master class in labyrinth building called Labyrinth Summer School. As I am now retired, my place has been ably filled by Lars Howlett who served as my apprentice for three years before becoming a Journeyman in 2015 (photo, right). To find out more about these classes, see these websites: