So there I was at Country Day School in St. Louis, Missouri, ready to make an outdoor labyrinth with the 9th grade class, and it was sleeting. Bad luck. So, we looked around for a likely place to build the labyrinth indoors. The stage in the auditorium was available. But what could we use for materials?

Outside the teachers' office the hall was lined with bags of canned goods. It seems that they were in the midst of a food drive for charity. Voila, our material. We made the labyrinth during one class period, with plenty of time left over for the young people to walk the labyrinth. (We made a second labyrinth, with the next class, from masking tape in the faculty lounge.)

For the straight lines in the middle of the labyrinth we used boxes of cereal and pancake mix. We just had enough for the labyrinth, right down to the last can.

Photo of labyrinth being laid out with cans of food.






Photo of completed labyrinth.