The Santa Rosa labyrinth design came as an original inspiration through Lea Goode-Harris, Ph.D. I have looked through every labyrinth book I can find, and there seem to be no previous cases of the same design. Please note that this design is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without permission. That allows Lea to have some degree of control over how the labyrinth is used.

I find this a very excellent labyrinth for several reasons. First, it comes in a smaller size (standard is 24 feet across), which makes it able to be used in more places than the larger labyrinths. Secondly, it has no history. It is a new symbol, awaiting whatever meaning we choose to give it. It comes with no previous associations.Large photoof Judy Hopen walking a canvas Santa Rosa labyrinth.

That's Vice President of Labyrinth Enterprises LLC, Judy Hopen, in the photo, walking a canvas Santa Rosa labyrinth. It is Judy who draws and paints the Santa Rosa at Labyrinth Enterprises. (We have a special license from the copyright holder to reproduce this design.) To see where they are made, go to Studio. More on Judy.

With regard to the geometry, note that there are seven circuits (concentric paths), seven being the most mystical of all numbers. To enclose seven circuits requires eight lines. Eight is the number of rebirth and transformation (hence, octagonal baptismal fonts).

The internal Chartres-like turns increase the pendular movement, which I think enhances the experience of walking a labyrinth. Placing circles at the ends of the lines is an old technique used in the Middle Ages by manuscript illustrators. The proportion of the center to the rest of the labyrinth, and the lines to the paths, take into account the same important principles of sacred geometry that were used in Chartres Cathedral, France..

But most unique of all is the round altar space. By incorporating this into the design, the entry paths could be set into alignment, placing the beginning and the end in the same central axis. There is a story behind the design, of course (read story).

See rainbow version.

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