Stand-Up Taping Machine

We no longer sell tape machines. To make your own, see: tape machine.

For years we have had the instructions on our website for you to make your own stand-up tape machine (see tape machine). Still, we get many purchase requests from people who don't have the time or capacity to make their own. So, we are now selling machines, as described below.

Spiral labyrinth instructions. This is a design perfectly suited to using a tape machine. You should be able to complete the entire labyrinth in 15 or 20 minutes, with one helper.

We have sought out the best box taping devices to convert into our Stand-Up Taping Machines. They are all-metal and sturdy. (We had a few prototypes that were plastic, but they have been discontinued. We are selling them at a discounted price.) For those who plan to travel with the machine, we offer a handle that breaks into three sections to fit into your suitcase. When using the machine locally, you might consider attaching a sturdy one-piece handle (around $8 at the hardware store). Just drill holes in the end, using the existing handle as a pattern.

There are two options for handles, three-piece and telescoping. The aluminum telescoping handle may also fit into your luggage. The machines themselves come in two-inch (tape width) and three-inch versions. The two-inch machine can come with either of the handles, but the three-inch machine comes only with the telescoping handle. Here are the prices:

Discontinued two-inch machines (plastic) with three-piece handle: $39.95. Shipping: $6.50

Two-inch machine with three-piece wooden handle: $49.95. Shipping: $7.50

Two-inch machine with telescoping aluminum handle: $64.95. Shipping: $8.50

Three-inch machine with telescoping aluminum handle: $79.95. Shipping: $8.50

For each additional machine, add half the shipping cost.

Yes, some people may want to have three or four machines, in order to make a masking tape labyrinth quickly.

This photo is from the Midwest Regional Labyrinth Gathering at Waycross Retreat Center, Indiana, in 2007. Just follow the mark on the guide rope.

This is the two-inch machine with three-piece handle. Tape is not included.

Here, Judy Hopen, Vice President of Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC, and our Studio Manager, is using a two-inch machine with telescoping aluminum handle.

This is the three-inch tape machine, our top of the line. No, it doesn't tape by itself. You have to push it.

The masking tape is mounted on the reel so that the tape comes out from the bottom of the roll in a forward direction. That way, when the tape goes around the roller, the sticky part of the tape will be downward. The Stand-Up Taping Machine is designed to be pushed from behind. If you buy a machine, print out these instructions.

There is a little trick that I learned recently, although I don't yet have a photo. There are two bolts holding the handle to the tape machine. If you loosen these bolts, you can insert a yardstick between the handle and the machine, horizontal to the ground and perpendicular to the handle. Set it to the desired path width and tighten the screws. Then, if you are making a spiral, you don't need a guide rope. You simple space each successive loop of the spiral the same width by keeping the edge of the yardstick lined up with the previous circle. If you are making a labyrinth with concentric circles, use a guide rope for the first circle, and then just use the yardstick as a spacing guide.


Recently during the construction of a concrete labyrinth we needed to use a taping machine. I brought out a big, bulky, heavy, professional model that I had bought for $150. It proved to be hard to maneuver. Then we brought out one of our machines and it worked great. If you are making fairly tight circles, press down harder, as this will keep the masking tape from tearing.

Once you make a masking tape labyrinth, send us a photo so we can see your work. Enjoy!