Stanley, WI

All of our projects are unique, but this project was especially unusual. I decided to show my crew that I could do a complete labyrinth all by myself in almost the same time as it takes with a crew of three. I had one helper, Vernon Lynn from St. Louis. He assisted with the mixing and the materials. I personally cut every line, colored the entire labyrinth, and sealed it. It took 12 days. Most projects with a full crew take 8 to 10 days. However, due to the conditions, I worked short days, so the hours may have been the same.

It was dry and windy, with huge clouds of dust raised by passing earth-moving machines. Then it rained, and we worked in a sea of mud. Plus, we were in meat-and-potato country which didn't put me, a vegetarian, in very good stead. In one restaurant, the server said that she had heard that in the neighboring town there was a man who was a vegetarian. If it hadn't been for walleyed pike, I might have starved.

The hospital was still under construction. It was enjoyable to have some company, conditions notwithstanding.








There is a postscript to this project. I went back to visit, two years later. It looked absolutely gorgeous. It was clean, the colors were deep and uniform. I asked what they had done to make it look so nice. They replied, "Nothing, it's just the way it was when you drove away. We wash it off now and then to keep it clean." I was very impressed. On our gallery sheet, there are more photos and a longer discussion of the installation process. See: Gallery sheet: pdf file



Sealing deepens the color (top half in photo) and protects the concrete.


From dust to mud.