The studio was closed in 2011. These photos are here for nostalgic memories.

These were the first photos we published of our studio, prior to its complete renovation. We are now completely moved in and well etablished for a numbe of years. See it now at: Studio. Renovating an old building (125 years old) always results in some surprises. Then the window company declared the windows would take six weeks longer than anticipated (for the clerestory). We're chomping at the bit, raring to get in and get settled.

Here Judy Hopen, our production supervisor (photo, right) and labyrinthiste extrordinaire, stands under the two rows of clerestory skylinghts, currently covered with plastic, awaiting new windows. Click here for more about Judy.

OK, the posts aren't very straight and are braced by several heavy-duty cables, but they're doing the job. The windows on the front of the building (behind Judy) are replicas of the original ones.

.The photo above shows the vast size of the space, a single room 80 ft. by 100 ft.. That's 8,000 sq. ft.