I lead labyrinth facilitator trainings of one-half day, one day, and two days duration. These are always sponsored events, planned and organized by churches, retreat centers, or interested parties. As a result, they can be anywhere in the United States.

In addition, I conduct master classes in labyrinth building. For more information on master classes, see seminar. To inquire about sponsoring a training, please contact robert.

Different from Veriditas

My training differs from the excellent facilitator training offered by Lauren Artress at Veriditas in several ways. First, I assume people already know about labyrinths, so the program is less experiential. I don't think it is necessary to spend a lot of valuable time out walking the labyrinth when people have done that before. Instead, I have a distinctly male left-brain stuff-them-full-of-information approach. Secondly, I offer instruction on how to make labyrinths, which Lauren Artress does not. My training is well-suited for someone already experienced in working with groups and giving presentations, who simply wants to know more applying those skills to labyrinths.

Topics to be covered in a typical training:

A visual history of labyrinths covering 5000 years

The labyrinth revival: Why now? Why labyrinths?

Contemporary labyrinth designs and uses

Religious and secular labyrinth traditions

Conducting public labyrinth events, rituals, and ceremonies

How to promote getting a labyrinth in schools, parks, and hospitals, and how to use them

Introduction to sacred geometry, symbolism, and sacred space

How to build a temporary labyrinth in 15 minutes

Important considerations for permanent labyrinths

Questions and answers, sharing and networking, music and fun, personal consulting

Who should attend

This intensive training is designed to give participants the full range of skills necessary to organize or present labyrinth events and ceremonies, to be a labyrinth docent at retreat centers or churches that have labyrinth programs, and to construct temporary labyrinths. A considerable body of information will be presented, designed to broaden one's understanding and practical utilization of labyrinths.


Photo of Robert Ferre demonstrating how to make a Chartres labyrinth.