In their new facility, VITAS Hospice decided to put a small labyrinth on the lower terrace near the in-patient unit. It is a lovely site, under large trees that provide shade from the summer sun. During the installation, in June, 2009, the temperature was in the 100 degree range every day, yet it was quite manageable, due to the benefits of the site.

Above, the pattern is masked off and then the granite material applied by hand. For a more detailed account, see the gallery photos of the Sophia Center.

This photo isn't very clear, but the color, called Mesa Verde, is a pleasant middle tone green. Only the labyrinth is sealed, which helps to distinguish it from the surrounding pavement. The site also includes a gazebo, a curved sitting wall, and places for more tables or chairs and wheelchairs.

The labyrinth is on the lower, first level terrace. The second level also has a terrace, and the third level holds the main entrance on St. Cloud Street (Morningside Manor). The labyrinth is sized so that older people can use it. The paths and lines are the same width as the labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral, France, although the pattern is different. If it seems too short of a walk, one can turn around and walk it again, as man times as seems appropriate. Wheelchairs straddle the paths, with the person's feet still being over the center of the path. This same pattern was also used in Grass Valley, CA.

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